SEMA 2013 – BMW Coverage

This was our first trip to SEMA, and aside from sore and blistered feet… the show was a blast. I followed the coverage of this event for over 6 years, and I never realized the magnitude of the SEMA till now.

Huge props to Liberty Walk & LTMW for their neck-breaking builds, and major props to Rotiform Wheels for flooding the show with their wheels on dozens of vehicles and displays all throughout the show.

I embarked on a mission to cover all the BMW’s at the show, I can’t imagine that I missed a single BMW there. I snapped a shot from the best, to the worst BMW’s there.

Aside from Revinora’s M5 and another E92 M3 that had some sweet headlights, we’re proud to say that the only other BMW’s which had custom headlights were built by us.

So first things first, a few shots of the our lights, followed by my favorite, to least favorite builds. Rocking a set of our LED rings featuring the M3 LED Rings