How do I get my headlights modded?

All headlight orders begin with a phone or email consultation, during which we work with you to decide the exact modifications required for your headlights. Once a deposit is made, via Credit Card or PayPal, we start prepping the items necessary while you ship your headlights to us. Once we get the headlights, all custom modifications are installed, the headlights sealed back up, and shipped out to you.

In cases that we do not have spare parts, all the work will begin once we receive your lights.

Do I send you my headlights or do you sell headlights?

Most customers ship us their existing headlights, but you can also purchase a new or used set from us. Depending on your make and model, brand new headlights can vary from $250-1500 each. For example, a pair of new Infiniti G37 coupe headlights are $2000. A used set in good condition is about $1000. Inquire for price.

Do you do core exchange on headlights?

One exception aside, we do not do core exchanges on headlights. This is because everyone’s headlight lenses are in different condition. People live in different climates, put many miles on their car, some garage their and other leave parked in the sun all day. The wear on the lenses will show that

EXCEPTION: We only offer core exchange on 2014+ BMW 4-Series & M3/M4 LED headlights.  

How long does it take to mod my headlights?

Once we receive the headlights in our facility, it takes about 5 business days to complete the job. Sometimes a job can take only a few days, while other more complex jobs involving retrofit and special paintwork can take up to 10 business days.

If you are local, depending on the job and if we have spare parts at the time, we can arrange a same day turn around. Inquire for more details.

How does shipping my lights to you work?

Shipping is paid both ways by the customer. Please ship the headlights in one big box using UPS or FedEx with at least $1000 insurance. Make sure all corners and edges of the headlights are well protected with bubblewrap/peanuts and/or other packaging materials. If you can, include a return shipping label so we don’t have to charge you for shipping on their return to you.

Shipping in the continental US via UPS Ground can vary between $40-120. Overnight shipping is between $250-500. Please email us for a quote on international shipping.


Why does it cost so much to open and seal my headlights?

There are two different types of seal a headlight can have: butyl seal and permaseal. The butyl seal headlights can be baked open fairly quick and sealed just as fast. These seals are usually found in Japanese headlights such as G37 or 370z, but also include the BMW E92 M3.

Permaseal headlights are shut tight with a one-time seal glue. They are difficult to open, then require the old glue to be gutted and replaced with butyl seal. The open/reseal procedure takes several hours to complete and makes the headlight job more expensive. These types of seals are found in most American cars and most German cars. Some examples: BMW F30 3-Series, 1-Series, Corvettes, Ford Mustangs, Dodge Rams, etc.

Rock-solid permaseal are close to impossible to work with because the plastic around starts to break and crack when attempting to open them. We do not work on headlights with this seal because we cannot replace it with a butyl seal and there is too much risk of damaging the headlights. This seal can be found on some American cars, some German cars and even some Japanese cars. Some examples: BMW 5-series, X5, Jaguar, Cadillac, 2015 Lexus IS350 LED headlights.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

We offer and honor a ONE YEAR warranty on all headlight modifications (headlight seal, paint work, LED modifications, custom fabrications, etc.). We take thorough measurements to test and assure our work is guaranteed to sustain harsh environments without any failure.

In the rare occasion that something failed, and your headlight needs repairs, we prioritize our warranty claims to be handled promptly to avoid any further damage.

Why is my warranty voided?

We automatically void and will not honor warranty on headlights that have been tampered with by anyone other than ONEighty. We will not honor warranty if the headlight or the vehicle is sold, or transferred to another owner. We will also not honor warranty if your headlight was damaged, whether it was a light or a hard impact.

Upon a warranty claim, we inspect the headlight to check for any tampering or physical stress caused to the headlight that would cause internal failure or breach of moisture and condensation. If we determine that the damage was caused by neglect, or involved in an accident, we will deny warranty and will be forced to charge you for inspection, and any further repairs.