2014 Nissan Pathfinder Custom Headlights – Improving Performance

We don’t always get customers who want to modify their headlights purely for cosmetic purposes. Our large variety of services accommodate individuals looking to improve their headlight performance for better and clearer night visibility, while maintaining the  factory design of the headlights and disguising any aftermarket applications.

When our customer Daniel came across our services, he chose to go with that exact route for his 2014 Nissan Pathfinder. His halogen equipped factory lights provided a very low light output, and made it difficult for him to see the road at night, especially on roads without any street lights. Normally, drivers choose to go with a cheap alternative by upgrading their factory halogen bulbs with generic HID Xenon Kits. However, its an alternative with a lot of disadvantages such as; scattered light output without a focal point that blinds oncoming vehicles, extra heat that eventually damages the reflector bowl, or even the headlight lens. We avoid that option by offering our customers the ultimate upgrades that are safe, and yield the greatest results in performance and reliability.

We have never performed a retro-fit service for this specific headlight so several options were on our plate (which projector, the fitment, and choosing the right shroud). We chose to install the Morimoto Mini H1 Gen III projectors, an aftermarket application that is designed and most used by all the Retro-fitters around the world. The projectors are Bi-Xenon which feature a small flap that allows the projector to function as a Low-Beam and a High-Beam. Since this headlight has a separate High-Beam bowl, with an addition to the Bi-Xenon retrofit we completed, the headlight will now have the option of the factory High-Beam, as well as the additional option from the Bi-Xenon projector retrofit. The projectors were finally outfitted with Morimoto 4300K HID bulbs to provide a factory spec’d color, and maximize the light output.

Then came the task of testing and fitting a projector shroud that will accommodate the newly retrofitted Bi-Xenon projector. We chose the Porsche “Panamera-Style” projector shrouds which accommodates  the housing without looking like an aftermarket option. With the use of  the Panamera Style projector shrouds and its design, it allowed us to retrofit 4 super bright white LED’s into the clear lenses surrounding the shroud, and wire them up so they function as a Parking Light. With the combination of the retrofitted projector, and the 4 super bright LEDs resulted in a modern high-end design that not only provided huge improvement in performance, but esthetically sets this vehicle apart from the other vehicles on the road.

The headlights were properly tested, aimed, adjusted, sealed and thoroughly inspected one last time before being installed on Daniels 2014 Nissan Pathfinder. Daniel was extremely satisfied with the outcome, and to know that we met his expectations was a satisfaction of its own. For any questions or inquires, feel free to contact us and inquire about our custom headlight services, or pricing.